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Parliamentary Debate/Hansard/PQs

Paul Burstow MP PQ No.162216 17.03.2004
John McDonnell MP PQ Nos.163606, 163608, 163589 24.03.2004
Dr Jenny Tonge PQ No.163554
David Taylor MP & John McDonnell MP Air Quality Debate 30.06.2004


UK Press articles

Western Mail "MP wants probe into rise in birth defects" 17.02.2004
Western Mail "Birth defects rocket in Wales but fall in England" 18.03.2004
Western Mail "Welsh birth defects up 500%" 31.05.2004
Western Mail "Experts puzzled by baby defects" 19.03.2005
Guardian "Poisoning the Poor" 20.06.1999
Guardian "Air pollution link to heart disease" 08.11.2004
Guardian "Cancer village fights for justice over incinerator" 17.05.2005


US clean air act & UK's failure to act

Washington Post 27.10.2003 "Study Finds Net Gain From Pollution Rules"
Office of Management & Budget Report "Benefits Greatly Exceed Costs" Oct 2003
EC's Okopol Report May 1999
DEFRA "Review of Environmental & Health Effects of Waste Management" 06.05.2004

Harvard: Reducing Soot Particles Is Associated with Longer Lives 15.03.2006


Birth Defects
  McMaster University "Reduction of Air Pollution Lowers Risk of Mutations in Mice"
Ontario College of Family Physicians "Pesticides & Birth Defects"

Infant Mortality
  Top ten worst places in Britain for infant mortality 28.03.2006

Reports by Dr Dick van Steenis

Opencasting of Coal & its Effects on Health 08.04.2002
Summary of paper at RIBA Conference 31.01.2005
The Autism & Multiple Sclerosis Process
Pollution & childhood deaths 03.11.2002
Doctors Lie over Cocktails
Killing and maiming in Cambridgeshire? 17.02.2006


Other Links
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