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This page explains the true reasons behind the alarming increase in obesity in the UK, which prompted press coverage on 26 December 2002 of the parliamentary report by Dr Howard Stoate MP, which stated: "around 10% of children in Britain are obese. Their lives are likely to be shorter than their parents, and they will enjoy fewer years free from chronic illness or disease."


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Airborne particles
When a high rate of fine industrial particles [PM2.5s] are present, it leads to a high level of free radicals in the bloodstream, which cause Type 2 Diabetes by body cell walls becoming resistant to insulin and glucose, so the body will then pile on fat.

Low Thyroid
Over 12.5% of the UK population suffer from low thyroid due to a shortage of selenium [needed to convert thyroxine to T-3], exposure to industrial fluoride in water and airborne, plus a cocktail of other contaminants in industrial PM2.5s causing reduced thyroxine production. Victims will then "burn off" less calories.

The herbicide "Round-up" messes up the body's carbohydrate metabolism and hormones, resulting in weight problems.

Breathing ultrafine particles causes clinical depression, which often leads to "comfort eating", apathy and hence less exercise.

Vaccines & viruses
Some vaccines, e.g. Rubella and Hepatitis B, and some viruses can affect the pancreas so less insulin is produced.

Dioxins and PCBs are harmful substances that, along with pesticides and heavy metals, are hoarded in body fat when people put on weight for the above reasons. The dioxins and PCBs will have already messed up the body's hormones, and will be released into the blood when dieting.

Obesity is one of at least 18 common illnesses caused by avoidable industrial PM2.5 air pollution that are listed in Dr Dick van Steenis' "Industrial Air Pollution and the Country Doctor" at and which now account for almost 50% of the NHS bill.

HM Treasury failed to reply to the question raised by Paul Marsden MP [October 2004] regarding the failure of the UK to adopt the US Clean Air strategy and thereby save £40 billion per annum in NHS costs, the US having already saved in excess of $193 billion in reduced hospital visits and days off work [Washington Post, 27 September 2003].

Tony Blair and his Cabinet are directly responsible for:
" the increasing rates of industrial emissions of PM2.5s [waste incineration programme]
" allowing selenium to be banned from 1 August 2005
" trying to extend the addition of industrial fluoride to water supplies
" boosting drug company profits by increasing numbers becoming chronically sick
" ignoring potential NHS savings of £40 billion per annum

Prepared by Michael Ryan after consultation with Dr Dick van Steenis MBBS. 24 July 2005

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