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This is a copy of an email sent from Michael Ryan to David Wright MP 7 August 2006

To read the letter which appeared in the Shropshire Star the next day 8 August 2006, click here.

To read David Wright's letter to Sir Michael Jack, written 19 June 2006 click here


Email from Michael Ryan to David Wright MP 7 August 2006

From: "Michael Ryan"
To: David Wright
Subject: Ironbridge Power Station update
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 17:03:39 +0000

Dear Mr Wright,

I've forgotten to send you the electoral ward map showing the standardised mortality ratios [SMRs] for wards around Ironbridge Power Station.  I sent copies to both Mark Pritchard MP and Philip Dunne MP, but I have been distracted by the reluctance of both Shropshire County PCT and Telford & Wrekin PCT to release data under FoI.  Both PCTs have had to be "persuaded" by the Information Commissioner and among docs received is confirmation that there was no Health Protection Agency report about Ironbridge Power Station.  The newspaper reports were wrong.

What did happen was a meeting on 18 November 2005 between those involved in what can only be described as "a massive cover-up", which included personnel from both above PCTs, the Health Protection Agency, the Environment Agency, the 3 local authorities, ie Telford & Wrekin, Bridgnorth & SABC, the power station owner [EOn], who had reps from both HQ & Buildwas and they "cooked up" a series of "questions and answers" of which I have a copy.  These questions & answers are just tosh & have no scientific value at all and yet are the best efforts of those who are supposed to be protecting our health.

If the PM2.5 emissions from Ironbridge Power Station have had no measurable impact on health and mortality, there'll be no difference between rates of illness & mortality in upwind & downwind wards.
Over a year ago, I proved that asthma rates among schoolchildren were higher downwind of the power station [] and you kindly sent my correspondence to Telford PCT with your letter of 19 January 2006.  I'd be grateful if you'd send me a copy of their reply as they "forgot" to enclose in in the bundle of docs delivered last week.

Dr Catherine Woodward has prepared an updated report about Ironbridge [June 2006] which includes a lot of data, but only for selected wards, not all Telford wards.  One of the sheets shows the hospital admission rates for under-15s in the 4 electoral wards she chose to prop up her fraudulent report [she should have included data from uopwind wards in Shropshire County PCT].  When just coal was burnt, both the volume and toxic content of the PM2.5 emissions were far less.  The data provided by Dr Woodward shows just how the under-15s in Ironbridge Gorge ward have suffered.  These are the age standardised Hospital admission rates for acute pulmonary disease for under 15s for six successive "years".  The "years" are not individual years, but are five year rolling averages, starting 1995/1996-1999/2000 and ending 2000/2001-2004/2005.
The age standardised admission rates were: 55, 55, 145, 218, 436, 655 respectively.  You'll notice that there has been a staggering and consistent upward trend followingco-incineration of waste oils & paint waste since 1998.

You'll easily be able to get ward maps showing the following electoral wards & joing Telford & Wrekin wards to Shropshire.  Dr Woodward's June 2006 report has a ward map showing River Severn & also the power station.  You'll be abke to check that the power station is sited in the south east [ie downwind] end of Severn Valley ward [SABC].

Ward Standardised mortality ratio for deaths under 85 years 1999-2003
[Data released by Karen Dunnell, of Office of National Statistics, 6 JUly 2006]
[Telford & Wrekin]  
Ironbridge Gorge 149
Horsehay & Lightmoor 143
Madeley 130
Malinslee 118
Cuckoo Oak 128
Woodside 121
Severn Valley 84
Lawley 69 [upwind of power station]
Broseley East 108
Broseley West 115
Morville 76
Much WEnlock 106
Shifnal Idsall  99
Shifnal Manor 99
Shifnal Rural 64

Telford & Wrekin PCT have spent a lot of time, money & effort into covering up the truth and Dr Dick van Steenis and I have spent a considerable amount of time, but less money, in trying to get the truth exposed.  On 21 SEpt 2005, Simon Conolly, CEO of Telford & Wrekin PCT wrote the following in his letter in the Shropshire Star:  "There is no scientific evidence that patterns of illness and premature death are associated with industrial PM2.5 emissions in Telford & Wrekin........" [7th par] and yet the above data shows a clear association between premature deaths in under 85s and exposure to PM2.5s from Ironbridge Power Sation.

The big issue now is why there has been a cover-up of the truth when all the data shows clearly that Dr van Steenis and I have been correct.  When Richard Pennell spoke on Beacon Radio, 15 Feb 2005, he claimed that he could prove that emissions from the power station were not harmful to health.  I wrote & asked him for that proof, or the names of the doctors who wrote the reports and he ignored my request in his reply.  My suspicion is that there has been systematic bribery and corruption of doctors and others from all the above-named bodies who were at the meeting of 18 Nov 2005.  Also, SABC hold data about Ironbridge power station on the public register and when I tried to get copies I was told I'd have to pay £8-30 per A4 sheet.  It seems that Dave Spode at SABC isn't too keen for anyone to have copies of such documents.

Dr Jeremy Queenborough [Dyfed Health Autority] was bribed with a farmhouse & 9 acres to keep quiet about the health effects of the power station/oil refinery complex at Milford Haven.  I'm sure he'd wish to admit it, but he died of a heart attack in 2000, when aged just 52 years, having denied Dr van Steenis the heart attack data by postcode.

My Shropshire Star letters have been "chipping away" at Telford & Wrekin PCT and Dr Caterine Woodward wrote the following in her e-mail to Simon Conolly on 22 July 2005: "I'm increasingly having to fight my personal urges to respond to his [ie Michael Ryan's] letters."

Dr Woodward was extremely foolish to change her mind about meeting Dr van Steenis and myself last May/June. I now doubt whether any good will have come from such a meeting.

Mr Conolly had taken exception to my Shropshire Star letter of 30 Aug 2005 "Premature death rate in county" and the 2nd paragraph in his letter of 21.9.05 stated" There are no scientific or medical facts to support his theory and it is irresponsible to cause public concern with these allegations."

Dr Woodward and others are in a far worse situation than the Barrow-in-Furness architect who cancelled a contract to service air condtioning equipment and caused less than 100 deaths.  Dr Woodward and others are covering up the true cause of thousands of deaths that have already occurred and are continuing at the rate of about 500 a year.  It's manslaughter on a grand scale and as your constituents are most affected, I'd be grateful if you'd be the prime mover in getting this issue into the public domain.  I look forward to your early response.

It's a simple issue of the lives of hundreds of your constituents -v- the "reputation" of a handful of so-called professionals.

When Dr van Steenis and I met John McDonnell MP [9 Marcch 2004] at the House of Commons, we were told that some issues "were taboo" but the birth defect data was published government data which showed wide variations in rates and Mr McDonnell raised a series of PQs on that issue.  The above SMR data shows that there has been unlawful killing on a grand and indiscriminate scale and that the cause is, and has always been, readily identifiable.

If you require any further information, or a meeting with Dr van Steenis and myself, please let me

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ryan

cc Dr Dick van Steenis MBBS